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Nolan is a detective. He likes to solve mysteries. He reads a book named "The Mystery of October Nights" and sets of to solve it.

October Nights is a Visual Novel with hand painted style of art. It is short story about the detective. There are few other characters which our protagonist will encounter in the game. This is a work of fiction and Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Frightfully Funky Jam

This game is a submission for Frightfully Funky Jam. The theme for the event was Thru the Eye, with a restriction to include Gamepad support.


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Any plan for Chinese localization? I can help out. I do have some related experience.

Thanks for your reply. I am interested of launching games in Chinese market. but most of the games are jam games and do not have any scope. If I ever need any help, I will always reach out to you. Thanks!

Good game


Thanks for playing! ✌️

nice story

Thanks for playing. 👍


i really really enjoyed this! and i love the effort put in to make this the hand drawing is amazing and really unique and brilliant, and this is why i love these types of games because the amount of time put in really shows! one thing i was a little dissapointed with though was the fact that (SPOILERS) the pumpkin at the end saying watch this then the title screen changing i thought it implied it would change the story which i think would of added SOOOO much more depth to this but all things said i really enjoyed this alot! and thank you for the work you put into it! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! 

(SPOILER) Yes It was intended to change the story after you finished playing. More spooky lore would reveal. But I am out of time. As this is a submission for a jam, after the jam is over, I will add the remaining part.

sounds fantastic man, i will definitely come back for this! 

The grammar is fixed. The reason for poor English was, i was not able to see what I was typing.

So now I wrote in notepad and copied the text..

Also the issue with wide screens must be fixed now.